Courtesy and common sense go a long way towards being a good Neighbor and member of the SWVCA Community.   Here are a few of the basics that we all need to be aware of and practice more often.

SEE something, SAY something, WE are all responsible for keeping our community clean, safe, and crime-free.

Practice good neighbor habits by looking out for each other, being conscience of noise and removing safety hazards.

Park in your designated space(s), respect others’ spaces and inform guests of parking restrictions.   Please remember you are limited to 2 spaces especially for overnight parking, including your guests.

Appearance matters- Please make sure your windows are equipped with maintained white blinds, curtains, or shades.    Sheets and paper coverings are not acceptable and give a poor impression.

Trash and Trashcans are unsightly.   Please only put your trash cans out on trash day which is currently Wednesday.   Please store ALL Trashcans INSIDE of your courtyard or garage.   Also, additional cans are available for those that routinely have more trash than a single bin can hold AND Close!

Unregistered, out of service and vehicles under repair are not permitted in the community.

The SWVCA HOA Board is comprised of fellow owners that volunteer their time and talents to make our community a better place to live.

We all love pets, but we do not all want the responsibilities of owning one nor should we have to clean up after yours!   Please recognize that it is YOUR responsibility for cleaning up after your pet as well as to carry pet insurance for any incidents or damages caused by your pet.  Pet noise should also be controlled especially at night.    Failure to clean up after your pet is a legal violation in Austell.

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Landscaping and exterior appearance- While SWVCA has a landscaping service for the common areas and community, we encourage each owner to plant flowers and shrubs as well as landscape around their units and courtyards.   Each owner is responsible for maintain a clean and safe courtyard and entrance.

Garage door, entry doors and windows need to be replaced and maintained annually including painting.

Each property is responsible for painting their courtyard fence and gate.

AND………… insert courtesy and common sense here.  PLEASE!!