The History of Austell

Many years ago Austell was know far and near as Salt Springs, and was the favorite haunts of the hunter, who came to shoot the wary deer as he made his way to the salt licks.

The hunters soon found that the waters had wonderful medicinal properties, and spread the news of its remarkable cures, until long before the Civil War, it was the Mecca for the sick and afflicted.

Quite many years ago the Methodist built right at Lithia Springs a great arbor, and held annually their famed camp-meeting services, lasting many times for weeks. No few of them provided themselves with tents, housing their families and friends, and securing to themselves, not only good from the religious services, but health from its waters and from living in the open air.

It so happened that many who came liked it so well that they desired to make it their permanent abode, and so prevailed upon Mr. G. O. Mozeley, then the owner of all the property around Austell, to sell them a lot. After much persuasion and instance he finally decided to sub-divide 40 acres. So he laid the town off into squares, with streets fifty feet wide, making an ideal tavern-site.

About this time the old Georgia Pacific, now a division of the Southern Railway, made Austell not only a station on its own lines, but the division point for the two lines that converge there.

This gave impetus to the growth of the town, which has steadily grown until now out of the village class.


The City of Austell

One of the most strategically located cities in Cobb County, Austell has a friendly, small town atmosphere which invites residential, commercial, and industrial growth. Excellent schools, regional shopping, convenient hospitals and medical care, as well as easy access to major thoroughfares, including Interstates 20 and 285, assure Austell’s potential for a high quality of life.

Our city supports family activities. The traditional Easter Egg Hunt, Halloween Festivities, and the Lighting of the Christmas Tree delight residents and visitors of all ages.

Through the years, traditions of hard work and civic pride have resulted in progressive leadership. Public safety and quality of life are primary concerns as we plan today for the generations of tomorrow.

Joe Jerkins

Things to do in Austell

Six Flags over Georgia

Did you know the second oldest Six Flags park is right here?  Get your thrills with exciting rides, fun games, and more! 

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Austell Parks and Recreation

Austell has seven different parks around the city to serve its residents and a community garden, educational center, and nature trail.  

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Riverside EpiCenter

This unique destination is a performing arts center, an event space, and a community partner offering innovative programming.

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